IR35 implementation delayed

National Insurance threshold

Around 31m people will benefit from a tax cut, as National Insurance contributions thresholds will rise to £9,500 per year from April 2020. A typical employee will save around £104 in 2020/21, while self-employed people, who pay a lower rate, will have £78 cut from their bill. The level at which taxpayers start to pay NICs has risen by more than 10% from £8,632 to £9,500 per year for both employed and self-employed people. For

Review of changes to the off-payroll working rules: report and conclusions

The Government’s review of the changes to the off-payroll working rules has now concluded and the Government has published its response. Learn more…

Capital Gain Tax UK

There are three new tax reforms which were announced in the 2018 Budget and which are due to be introduced on 6th April later this year. The changes could have big implications for landlords and the amount of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) payable if they decide to sell a rented property which they’ve lived in at some point during their ownership. First of all Lettings relief will be limited to properties where the landlord lives

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