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Company Accounts and Compliance

Company Accounts and Compliance, at the end of your business year your company must produce and file with Companies House a full set of company accounts.
Failure to do this by the deadline can result in penalties or fines, as can errors or deliberately attempting to mislead Companies House.
Our accountants are on hand to help, making sure you produce timely, accurate company accounts to avoid penalties or fines.
Most businesses in the UK must produce annual accounts and file them with Companies House and HMRC each year, these are called company accounts.
Ultimately, these account are to report your companies activity over the year in order to determine how much corporation tax you need to pay.
It is the legal responsibility of the Directors to ensure that they are competed accurately and filed on time.
Fines from Companies House start at £150 and go up to £1500.
Fines levied by HMRC start at £100 to 20% of the Corporation Tax Liability of your company.
It pays to do these correctly and on time.
All UK companies, unless the company is dormant or is a ‘small’ company, must complete and file full company accounts each year for HMRC and Companies House.
These accounts need to be filed with the companies shareholders too.

Failure to do so can lead to some hefty fines being levied from Companies House and HMRC separately.

JK Accountants have 14 years of vital experience in preparing company accounts and compliance in various sectors operating through limited companies. Your company accounts and corporation tax compliance are rigorously managed by our team of chartered accountants.
We will file your year-end annual accounts that your limited company is required to submit to Companies House and HMRC, including a full CT600 and Corporation Tax Return. We ensure that your accounts are submitted in the correct format,
e.g. full accounts or abbreviated accounts. We’ll be fully compliant with your disclosure requirements.
JK Accountants will take care of your deadline and therefore you won’t have to worry about incurring any penalties.

Accounts that would be prepared by JK Accountants- 

  • The profit and loss account.
  • The balance sheet.
  • Any notes on the accounts.
  • The directors report.
  • The auditors report
  • The signature and name of the companies director.
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