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Outsource Payroll Management 

While big firms struggle to manage large volumes of data and maintain its accuracy, the small firms find it hard to comply with the ever-changing HMRC regulations- certainly, Payroll management challenges all! 

One of the crucial aspects of managing a business is administrating the payroll accounting scheme. Undoubtedly, undertaking the management of the payroll scheme can be a daunting task for the business, and quite time-consuming as well. But, what if you could forget about your payroll management system and invest your valuable time in improving the business? 

You read it right! Indeed, managing payroll can create a hindrance to the core activities of your business. Hence, an ideal payroll solution is- getting JK Accountants on board with your operations. We strive to professionally set up and administrate a complete employee payroll system while settling your stress at bay. 

Payroll management system

Here is what you need to know:

To set up and run a payroll system- You, as an employer, will be required to align the PAYE (Pay as you earn) scheme with the HMRC to carry forward the payroll services. Besides, you should also be aware of the rightful tax deduction and other statutory payments that influences an employee’s wages, such as-

  • SSP- Statutory Sick Pay
  • SMP- Statutory Maternity Pay
  • OSPP- Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay
  • ShPP- Shared Parental Pay
  • The payment of Bonus

Furthermore, it is very crucial to comply with the latest HMRC legislation along with doing submissions before or on time, to avoid penalties.

The following subjects a penalty on the employer imposed by the HMRC for failing to:

  1. Make online submission before the deadline 
  2. Unable to pay the liabilities before the due time
  3. Maintain a record of necessary documents
  4. Administrate NI or the PAYE accurately
  5. Imply the rightful statutory payments
  6. Provide the employees with relevant documentation and forms on time

If your business is located in Wanstead, London, we at JK Accountants- can look after the entire procedure for you.

The payroll system in the UK is continuously evolving as the employment and HMRC legislation gradually becomes more complex with time.

Hence, you need a team of experts to handle your payroll system, in compliance with the latest HMRC regulations. 

Therefore, by outsourcing payroll administration from JK Accountants, we facilitate a hassle-free payroll system in your organization. 

Payroll Services to expect from us:

  1. Enlisting a PAYE (Pay as You Earn) scheme with the HMRC.
  2. We set up an automatic pension enrollment scheme.
  3. We initiate the employee payroll practices from the beginning to avoid any troubles.
  4. We produce payroll records as required, from weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and even annual payroll. 
  5. Assure proficient accuracy
  6. Keep track of statutory payments and the appropriate deduction of NI, tax, etc for each employee. 
  7. At JK Accountants, we produce Real-time information (RTI) and do on-time submissions to the HMRC to avoid penalties.
  8. Deliver pension reports to the pension provider on behalf of the company
  9. Provide access to a secured employer’s portal to keep track of RTI records.
  10. Give employees access to their personal payroll dashboard.

The above mentioned are a few outlined services offered by JK Accountants. With years of experience, our expert teams are able to offer tailored payroll services to satisfy your unique requirements. Get in touch to learn more!

Why choose us?

Undoubtedly, pay is a vital aspect of an employee’s work life- and it directly reflects on their performance. 

Therefore, there is no room for incorrect payment. We firmly believe employees are the foundation of a business. Thus, we ensure to offer accurate and explicit payroll payment services.  

You won’t need to invest in costly payroll management software, as we work with the latest technology to enhance efficiency and accuracy. 

Besides the management of payroll payments, we also extend our assistance in further legal paperwork. handling payroll-related forms, business and pay advice, taxation consulting, and much more. Contact us to find out how our team of experts can help you Save time- Save Money- while enjoying Peace of Mind!