Non-profit Accountants

Nonprofit accountants

Non-profit Accountants

JK Accountants are a well established and experienced accountants which offer services to nonprofit organisations, being renowned Non-profit accountants in Wanstead London

Organisation or institutes such as churches, universities, educational institutes, scouts and welfare groups that have a charitable status are tax-exempted. Generally, educational institutes are tax-exempted but other organisation which wants to have a charitable status needs to apply, submit relevant documents and adhere to regulations, which non-profit accountants like us help in getting the status.

Non-profit organisations have several tax-relief, which may become complex for some institutes. Were we come into action and help you understand where you could take the tax relief advantage and be recognised by HRMC to be able to apply these reliefs to your tax submissions. Here is a list of charitable expenditure which is free from tax

What does charitable status mean for my organisation?

Charities are subject to a number of favorable tax reliefs. We can help you understand what is not taxable. You must be recognised by HRMC to be able to apply these reliefs to your tax submissions. Some examples of “charitable expenditure” from which you would be free of paying tax are:

  • Donations
  • Rental and investment income
  • Profits through trading
  • Profits on assets sold or disposed
  • Property purchased

Nonprofit Organization Bookkeeping & Reporting

JK Accountants being the first choice for nonprofit accountants realise how crucial it is to keep quality bookkeeping and records for tax return for HRMC. We ensure to take care of all your paperwork and keep your records up-to-date and also making sure you gain all the tax benefits. This will enable you to focus on your organisation while we take care of your accounts.