Accountants in Leyton

Accountants in Leyton

Whether you are a Leyton based small business owner or an established firm’s heir looking for an accounting partner to look after all your accounting matters; JK accountants are here at your rescue. We provide all sorts of accounting services for a business, even if it is a start-up that needs assistance- we are ready to help with our expertise.

We are your entrusted accounting service providers dedicated to offering the best solutions for your firm’s benefits. Unlike any other accounting firm in Leyton, we have qualified chartered accountants to handle your accounting and certified tax advisory to manage taxation. They are well versed with the rules and regulations to date, whether it is the custom tax or the ever-changing HMRC‘s accounting legislation.

At JK Accountants, our skilled and qualified experts are friendly and always strive to approach with a realistic solution for your financial requirement. Rest assured, you are in safe hands. You could also contact us to get consulted and advised on personal taxation.
With years of experience and knowledge, our fellow members take a professional approach in handling all your financial needs, whether it is to maintain your daily bookkeeping or advising on the complicated taxation procedure.

Irrespective of a sole trader or a limited liability firm, we understand the distinguished rules and support respectively.
Hence, to guide you with the ideal solution, we conduct a one-to-one session to understand your business goals and requirements. Then, accordingly, implement the right actions suiting the business to achieve it. Moreover, we also handle any financially related legal matters for you.

Chartered Accountants in Leyton

JK Accountants is a renowned firm having its accounting services spread all across the UK. It has grown to greater heights with its professional financial and accounting services extended to firms and individuals. Moreover, also well known for its comprehensive business advice.
With having complete expertise in our field, we are here to assist you through the complexity of accounting procedures and complicated tax obligations. For smooth financial planning and hassle-free daily maintenance of accounts, contact us!
Moreover, even if you aspire to get in touch with us for a one-time consultation or get us on board with at your service; our proficient team members won’t fall short of giving you complete guidance and accurate advice. Get in touch with us for more information on how our services would help you or your firm.


We love numbers just a lot more than you do. Therefore, let the specialists handle your numbers while you focus on growing your business. You really do not have to worry about the numerics as we keep it transparent.

Payroll Systems

Every UK employer must enroll its staff in a workplace pension, or else, it would cost them a high-priced fine. Our payroll team ensures you install the system before it is too late, with one of the most beneficial schemes for your business.


No matter what kind of operations you are doing- do it legally for a safer result. Any business can be successful with proper tax planning. Therefore, plan ahead to pay less tax.

VAT Returns

We also look into the Value Added Tax (VAT) integration to your business to maximize the potential benefits. Talk to us for more information regarding VAT registrations.


If you are unsure on whether your business needs to do auditing or not, get in touch with us to find out. Moving forward, if you require one, we make sure it does not interrupt your operations or result in impactful values in your financial reporting.

Business Advice

We work with you to help manage your business affairs, providing insightful business advice to increase your profits, minimise your tax liabilities, plan for a secure financial future and achieve your business and personal goals.