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UK Tax on International Income

When you come to the UK, it is highly likely that you will have investments and income sources back in your home country and elsewhere in the world. If you become UK tax resident there are various situations when you may be liable to tax on your worldwide income and capital gains.

At JK Accountants (UK) Ltd, we help you assess your real tax liability and estimate the best way to manage your taxes. We will help you estimate your domicile status and try and mitigate the impact of becoming “Deemed Domicile”.

When you leave the UK to go back to your home country, you may have overpaid tax under PAYE and we would help you complete the paperwork required to inform HMRC of your change in circumstances.

If you need help in claiming Double Tax relief for the tax paid in your home country, we would be able to guide you in the methodology, keeping you tax compliant in the UK.

We guide Non-resident landlords who need to file a tax return in the UK and ensure they remain tax compliant.