It is important that you need to submit a CIS Return before the 19th of every month if you are a contractor in construction. The CIS Return submitted thus tells HMRC regarding the details of the tax deducted from your sub-contractors,
the CIS tax held when you were a sub contractor and the amount of tax you owe. This should be considered with high priority as late submissions can lead to huge penalties.

JK Accountants Ltd can help plan and deliver your month to month contractor returns. Alongside presenting these profits on the web, we can likewise create your subcontractor certificates for you to circulate. Each time a contractor
engages a new subcontractor, they should check them with HMRC. Our group can help you in that procedure or can finish it for you. Our group likewise works nearby numerous subcontractors and helps them enrolling for CIS and ensuring
that the tax deducted from them is at the right level.